My pictures are not merely paintings but pieces of jewelry. Their structured surface show the vibration of colors created by a relief covered by metal plating.

The question is if you would settle for a sketch, or if you would like to own a glamorous piece of art with love for details and effects?

Seven reasons why the Golden Portfolio hypnotizes the viewer:

  1. Art Nouveau inspiration. The richness, symbolism, and golden shine of the Secession period are leaving a lasting impression.
  2. Color quality. The paintings are created with high quality oil color.
  3. Format. The paintings are done in different sizes from small sizes up to 2 meters.
  4. Details. To which detail are the patterns elaborated?
  5. Modelling techniques. Most of the Golden Portfolio paintings include acrylic reliefs.
  6. Canvas type. The Golden Portfolio paintings are painted on natural linen canvasses which are properly fixed around a high quality frame.
  7. Metal plating. Many of the Golden Portfolio paintings are metal plated in golden or silver shades.

Those factors are determining the value of each painting. Paintings from the Golden Portfolio will add that special wow factor to each interior.